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Eco-friendly Bamboo Multi Function Wireless Charging Station OEM922


Product Description

Wireless Charging: The junction provides wireless charging capabilities, allowing you to charge compatible smartphones and devices without the need for cables.

• Earbuds Charging: The junction is equipped with a dedicated area or slot for charging wireless earbuds, providing a clutter-free way to keep your earbuds powered up.

• Watch Charging: The junction includes a watch charging feature, enabling you to charge compatible smartwatches or traditional watches.

• Clock: It features a built-in clock function, serving as a timekeeping device for your convenience.

• Lamp: The junction incorporates a lamp, providing ambient lighting that can be used for various purposes such as reading or creating a cozy atmosphere.

• Temperature Indicator: The junction includes a temperature indicator, allowing you to monitor the current temperature in the surrounding environment.

Can be customised with company's logo name or any artwork.